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Theoretical and Experimental Research on the Floor Heating System of a25m~2Solar House

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Tutor: ShuShuiMing
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: Solar House,Direct-benefit Window,Low-temperature Radiant Floor,Heating System,C
CLC: TU832.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Based on the research on solar building at home and abroad, the air thermalequilibrium model in solar house and low temperature floor heating model and heat transfermodel of south windows were established. The influence on the solar house by lowtemperature floor heating was discussed, and finally the solar low-temperature radiant floorheating experiment station was built, testing the effect on the solar house by south directlybenefit glass windows and low temperature floor heating system, the following results weregained:(1) When the average radiation was at353W/m~2, hot water system of the solar housewas able to achieve450liters of hot water tank with temperature rise of31¡æ, theefficiency of the solar hot-water system was to37.3%.(2) Setting A1, A2, A3conditions under continuous operation, controlling the floorheating water inlet temperature was45¡æ,the temperature difference of the inlet and returnwater temperature was5¡æ.When the average outdoor temperature was2.26¡æ, withoutheating the indoor temperature was7.61¡æ.Under the A2condition the average indoortemperature could reach4.98¡æ; Under the A1condition the indoor temperature was17.51¡æ, the average indoor energy consumption was55.83W/m~2; The indoor temperaturewas21.29¡æ, the average indoor energy consumption was48.98W/m~2under the A3condition.(3) Setting B1, B2, B3conditions under intermittent operation. Without heating whenthe average outdoor temperature was2.17¡æ, the indoor temperature was7.62¡æ. Underthe B2condition the average indoor temperature could reach5.12¡æ; Under the B1condition the indoor temperature was16.35¡æ, the average indoor energy consumption was49.86W/m~2; The indoor temperature was19.79¡æ, the average indoor energy consumptionwas44.20W/m~2under the B3condition.(4) The indoor average energy consumption under A1condition was6.85W/m~2higherthan under A3condition,5.66W/m~2higher under B1condition than under B3condition,the main reason was that the sunshine heated the solar house; The indoor average energyconsumption under A1condition was5.97W/m~2higher than under B1condition,4.78W/m~2 higher under A3condition than under B3condition, the main reason was that the ON/OFFcontrol of the low temperature floor heating system was very effective to control the indoorenergy consumption. Calculating the same type of room energy consumption was72.57W/m~2, compared to this room, the indoor average energy savings were30.0%,48.2%,45.5%and64.2%under A1,A3, B1,B3condition, respectively. So it coulddemonstrate the advantage of the solar house in heating energy savings.
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