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Energy Consumption and Air Distribution Simulation of a Substation Data Room

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Tutor: QiuLiMin
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: Substation data room,Distributed cooling,Precise air supply,DeSTenergy consumpti
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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With the development of the computer communication network technologies in intelligent substation, the modernization and automation level of substation has a very big improvement. The temperature control of the data room placing computer monitoring system is very important.Based on the present status of the main applied air conditioning technology of the substation data room, and in order to solve the problem of large energy consumption of substation air conditioning and low efficiency of cooling, a distributed air conditioning system is designed with "distributed cooling method". Which realizes the efficient heat transfer in a data room, improves the efficiency of the cooling sending process and the utilization of air conditioning refrigerating capacity.This article use DeST to process the whole year energy consumption dynamic simulation of the data room. Comparing the annual energy consumption result of the conventional air conditioning system with distributed air conditioning system, the results show that under the precise air supply scheme, when room indoor temperature sets at28¡æ, the energy saving rate is24%;when room indoor temperature sets at30¡æ, the energy saving rate is36%.Under the mode of combined operation with fresh air systems, system energy saving rate can reaches45%.By using Airpak software, this article compared the temperature field and the velocity field under four kinds different air supply airflow form, the results showed that under the distributed precise air distribution air conditioning system,equipment can be effectively cooled, the occurrence of the local hot spots can effectively be avoided.Then the current data room air distribution evaluation indices are summarized.By analyzing the limitations of the existing indices, a thermal mixing index HMI and frame energy utilization coefficient index are presented. The values of all the evaluation indices are obtained under four conditions. By comparing the results, it can be found that supply air distribution under the distributed precise way has the smallest degree of mixed hot and cold air, the temperature penetration degree of single stand is the minimum. At the same time, this type air distribution form has the biggest cold air energy utilization coefficient and can achieves the same cooling effect with minimal energy consumption.
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