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Simulation and Research on Surface Evaporator Based on MWorks Plateform

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Tutor: HeGuoGeng
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: Surface evaporator,MWorks,Simulation,Algorithm and program design,Optimization
CLC: TB657
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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MWorks is a modeling software based on Modelica language which has been appliedin many fields such as electronic, electric, mechanical and so on, except in refrigeration.On the other hand, evaporator is an important part of researches as a significant equipmentof air conditioner. Up to now, simulation for the evaporator by using computers is maintrend to provide evidences and suggestions for its design and optimize. Therefore, it isworthy for establishing the simulation model on MWorks platform and researching itdeeply. This paper mainly focused on the theory of the model, algorithm and programdesign, software development and evaporator performance.Tube-fin heat exchanger commonly seen in practical application has been modeled.The operation principle of tube-fin evaporator was investigated first, and then thedistributed parameter model of evaporator was established through determining therelative parameters and algorithm followed conservation equation after knowing thetheory of two-phase flow and basis of heat and mass transfer well. Finally, the simulationprogram was developed by interface programming method of MWorks.A steady running state for an object model was simulated by the program of thispaper. After, the parameters of each part of evaporator were obtained which showed theperformance of the evaporator. The results of our model were reasonable by comparingwith the experiment results. It was also found that the algorithm is reliable, programdesign is strict and the computational accuracy satisfies the requests of engineeringapplication. It was worth noting that the performance of evaporator is intuitively showedto people by combining the structural parameters and property changes of workingmedium to structure three-dimension figure in MWorks.On the basis of simulation model, the effects of parameter changes(such as thicknessand spacing of fins, dryness, rate of flow for refrigerant and so on) on evaporator performance were researched for another simple diffset by modifying the structureparameters and flow path. At the end, suggestions for evaporator design and optimizingwere provided.
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