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Simulation and Analysis of a3KW Stirling Engine

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Tutor: ShuShuiMing
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: Stirling engine,Simulation,Physical model,Mathematical model,Resistance loss,Hea
CLC: TK403
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The development process of modern human society can hardly without the impulse of fossil fuels, and today¡¯s society is based on them. But it is their unresonable use that has caused serious energy shortage and environmental crisis, while the latter is the result of abuse of fossil fuels. Therefore, development and utilization of solar and other renewable energy become the primary issue. Due to the Stirling engine technology has many unique advantages such as high theoretical efficiency and low emission and low noise and so on, it has broad prospects for development and application.The background of this thesis and the principle of Stirling engine is firstly elaborated, and the physical models for alpha-type Stirling engine are established. The flow resistances and heat losses are analysed simultaneously. On this basis, the mathematical model of an alpha-type Stirling engine with two cylinders is established whoes rated power is3kW, and some parameters are analyzed. Then the flow resistances and heat losses of an actual Stirling engine are analyzed, and the piston shuttle heat loss and regenerator heat loss are emphasis, the results show that:the two heat losses is quite large and the proportion is about47.17%and29.36%respectively; the effective power is about2169.09W while the effective efficiency is about20.2%. Finally, the thermal performance of the engine working under a typical sunshine in Wuhan area is simulated, and the results in accordance with Huang Hulin¡¯s research:the output power curve is saddle shaped while considering the instability of the solar energy.To verify the accuracy of the model, a prototype will be manufactured as the general plan is given, and seal-gas and other measures will be used to improve its sealing.
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