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The Simulation and Research about Air Cooling Condenser Based on Mworks Platform

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Tutor: HeGuoGeng
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: air-cooled condenser,Mworks,modeling,simulation
CLC: TB657
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The computer simulation technology, as modern design method of the refrigerationsystem, are playing an increasingly important role in the development and design of therefrigeration system. Condenser is an important core component in refrigeration system,its performance is directly related to the entire refrigeration system operation condition.Simulation study on condenser can assist the experiments on condenser performanceresearch and development of new products, It is of great significance to design the highefficiency and energy saving products in a short time.MWorks is a new generation general CAE platform based on unified modelinglanguage Modelica in many fields. The biggest advantage is modeling, design calculation,simulation, analysis and optimization of integration.On the basis of summarizing and analyzing the heat transfer characteristics of air sideheat convection and tube condensing about air cooling condenser£¬This paper is mainly fordesign and modeling research about condenser with single tube and double row tube,finned heat conduction and flow distribution is considered. The condenser is divided intothree areas: overheated zone, two phase region and super cooling area. Then respectivelyfor each phase area a steady-state distributed parameter model is set up. Each tube isdivided into many small sections, the export state parameter of last small section is theentry state parameter of next section,so cycle. And I have optimized the simulation resultsthrough sanalysing the influence of some important parameters (refrigerant mass flow,wind speed and fin pitch, etc.) on condenser heat transfer characteristics.In this paper the model has good theoretical and practical basis. The simulationresults have good accuracy and can provides the reliable theory basis For the developmentof the condenser and the optimization design. This research has the very good practicalsignificance and engineering application value.
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