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Study on Hydraulic Characteristics of Power Distributed Air Conditioning Water System Pipe Line

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Tutor: XieJunLong
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: Pump inparallel,Powerdistributedsystem,Balancepipe,Hydraulic characteristics,Dyn
CLC: TB657.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Stable and economic operation of the air conditioning water system pipe networkdirectly affect the normal work of the entire air-conditioning system. The pipeline¡¯sregulation characteristics concerns the differentiation adjustment ability of indoorenvironment. It is important to study the operation stability of the power distributed systemwith energy-saving advantage. In this paper, the selection of parallel pumps in airconditioning water system network, the setting and optimization of balance pipe in powerdistributed system and the dynamic characteristics of the system condition adjustment werestudied.Pump as a power source for air conditioning water system, is closely related to thepipeline characteristics of the system. Energy method is used to determine the pumps,operating point in parallel. Compare the energy method and common, simple superpositionmethod to analyze the pump branch impedance accounted for the proportion of the totalimpedance of the pipeline, pump and pipeline characteristics which affect the pumps¡¯operating point. On the basis of analyzing an actual air-conditioning system operating inparallel multi-pump that can not reach the amount of water required, point out that not onlythe pump head and flow should match the designing point of the pipeline, the trend of thepump performance curve is supposed to be considered when select the type of pumps inparallel.There are various forms of power distributed system if the secondary pumps areinstalled in different location. The power distributed system with the secondary pump poweronly setting in the terminal branch is most widely used. The set position of the balance pipeis particularly significant in the system with fixed-frequency primary pumps and variablefrequency secondary pumps. The power distributed system with centralized primary pumpscan operate stably when the balance pipe is located in the zero-pressure point. The numberand location of zero-pressure points are changing as the pump combinations of the powerdistributed system with distributed primary pumps. Using the pressure diagram canconveniently determine the zero-pressure point of the system. Analyze and compare thestability of the system when the balance pipe is located in different zero-pressure points. Thestudy found that the stability of the power distributed system with distributed primary pumps which has two zero-pressure points and both are installed with balance pipes is the best.Use numerical simulation methods to analyze the hydraulic characteristics of thetransient response and steady-state process of both power centralism system and powerdistributed system when regulating the branch of the pipe network. Analyze the dynamiccharacteristics of the power centralized system pipeline when the flow of one branch in thenetwork is changing by adjusting the valve opening in the branch. Analyze the dynamiccharacteristics of the power distributed system pipeline with changing the secondary pumprotational speed. The result indicated that the hydraulic stability of the power distributedsystem surpasses the power centralism system obviously.
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