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Research on Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Wind Turbine Gearbox

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Tutor: TongShuiGuang
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: Wind Turbine Gearbox,Condition Monitoring,Fault diagnosis,Gear vibration Signal,
CLC: TP277
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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With the rapid increment of wind power capacity and the rapid development of wind power equipment manufacturing industry, strengthening the condition monitoring of wind turbine is of great significance. This paper based on the Zhejiang major science and technology projects¡ª¡ªthe key technology research and industrialization of megawatt wind power gear box, with W2000DF gear box as the research object, developed the wind turbine gearbox condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system. The main points of this paper are as follows:(1) For the remote monitoring targets, a framework for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system of wind turbine gearbox was built and the general scheme of this system was proposed. Based on the framework of the system, three components, which include on-site monitoring station, enterprise monitoring and remote analysis terminal, were detailed design. And the framework has been tested and verified through laboratory gear box test rig.(2) For the condition monitoring subsystem, a data acquisition subsystem based on Lab VIEW was developed, achieving real-time monitoring of wind turbine gearbox state parameters in industrial site. A database management system storing the collected information was designed. As a result, the temperature, pressure and acceleration information could be stored in the database. And a remote monitoring subsystem based on C#was developed. Docking with the database, the remote display of condition monitoring could be realized.(3) For the gear fault of wind power gearbox, the characteristics of gear vibration signal and modulation mechanism were analyzed. The method which was used to extract the characteristics of gear vibration signals, based on singular value decomposition, was researched. A method that singular values distribution can be adjusted by increasing the singular value decomposition order has been proposed, in order to extract the signal characteristics. And this method was analyzed by simulation and experiment. Result show that:the noise energy could be dispersed and the vibration signal characteristics could be highlighted by increasing the dimension of attractor track matrix (the order of SVD) in the case of small signal noise ratio.
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