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Experiment Analysis and Application Research on Generation System by Low-temperature Heat

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Tutor: ZhangYuFeng
School: Tianjin University
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: organic working fluid,Rankine Cycle,low-temperature energygeneration,system opti
CLC: TM617
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the improvement of the society, energy is closely bound up with people¡¯slife and production.In recent years, the environmental problems caused by thefrequent energy crisis are taking a toll. In face of serious energy and environmentproblem, we can alleviate the energy crisis by improving energy utilization efficiencyand developing and utilizing the renewable energy and industrial waste heat.By thecurrent technical limitations, the utilization of low temperature waste heat is notsufficient. The low-temperature cogeneration system of Organic rankine cycle isdesigned to take full use of low temperature waste heat to generate power. It improvesthe energy utilization efficiency besides reducing the thermal environment pollution.The research project for this problem analyzes the ORC thermodynamics, builttest bench and analyzes the factors which affect the system efficiency of powergeneration such as evaporating temperature, condensing temperature, physicalproperties of organic substance and expansion ratio of the screw expansion. We canreach some important conclusions and optimize the main components of the powergeneration system in order to improve the efficiency of the entire system.At the sametime, we apply the low temperature ORC generator set, for the first time,to thechemical sector of distillation process. Basing on the experiment, we optimize thematching property of the entire system in order to ensure the stable operation andimprove the system efficiency of the power generation. In addition, the subjectestimated the energy¨Csaving efficiency of the application of the low temperatureORC technology in chemical sector of distillation process. Through systematic study,we prove the feasibility and economical efficiency of the low temperature ORC powergeneration technology.
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