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Simulation Analysis of Dual-absorption Kalina Cycle and Experiment System Design

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Tutor: ZhuJiaLing
School: Tianjin University
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: Dual-absorption,Kalina Cycle,Absorption heat regenerativedevice,Ammonia water mi
CLC: TM616
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In the geothermal Kalina cycle system, the temperature of geothermal water usedby the generator is above80¡æ. The waste water can not be used by Kalina cycleagain which cause energy waste.According to the phenomenon, this paper take the second type absorption heatpump principle into consideration and put forward a new type of power cycle-Dual-absorption Kalina Cycle, which coupling the Kalina cycle and the second typeabsorption heat pump. This new cycle aims at using the waste heat of geothermalwaste water and improving the system generating capacity. The Engineering EquationSolver (EES) software is used to simulate and analyze the Kalina cycle, and the cycleis compared and proved by the actual operation of the thermal power plant in Iceland,while the initial conditions is the same. On this basis, the Daul-absorption Kalinacycle is simulated and analyzed in similar ways. The analyzed parameters whichinfluenced the cycle efficiency and net generation include condensation watertemperature, heat source change, the mass fraction of ammonia, generator pressure,etc. At last the absorption heat experiment device of the Dual-absorption Kalina cycleis designed and set up.The results show that: for Kalina cycle, the cycle efficiency reduces as thecondensed water temperature rise, increases fast first and then decreases as with thesteam turbine inlet pressure increases, increases with the mass friction of ammonia.For Daul-absorption Kalina cycle, the turbine backpressure depends on thetemperature of cooling water. The turbine back pressure is high when cooling watertemperature is high, which results in the turbine enthalpy difference decreases; Thework medium flow rate increases with the geothermal water temperature rises whichmakes the enthalpy potential and quantity increases; For a given condition, therealways a proper matching pressure in the generator and mass friction of ammonia.When the temperature of geofluid is122¡æ, condensate water is25¡æand turbineinlet pressure is32.3bar, the proper mass friction of ammonia water is0.7.
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