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Study on the Optimized Distribution of Load in the Thermal Power Generating Unit of Pipe-main Scheme

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Tutor: LuoZiXue
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: pipe-main scheme,optimal load,linear programming method,geneticalgorithm,particl
CLC: TM621
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The operation mechanism of cogeneration is in accordance with the principle ofutilizing energy, which can improve energy utilization efficiency obviously. It has become ameans for saving energy and reducing emission. In order to give full play to itsenergy-saving effect, the optimizing distribution of thermal and electric for cogeneration isparticularly important. The optimized distribution of load in the thermal power generatingunit of pipe-main scheme is researched in this paper.For the characteristics of pipe-main scheme, the paper proposes a program of two-tierloading optimization. The unit optimization is decomposed into boiler and turbine for thetargets to optimize. The premise of achieving optimization is to determine thecharacteristics of the boiler coal consumption and turbine steam consumption. According tothe characteristics, their characteristic equations are obtained. On this basis, through theanalysis of historical data for units, the amount of standard coal consumption is calculatedfor different load conditions of each boiler. And the c haracteristics curve of coalconsumption is fitted. The characteristic equations of steam consumption are fitted by theleast square method. The optimization methods are determined through an instance.Determine the linear programming method is used to optimize the load on the turbine sideand the boiler side used the particle swarm optimization in the last. The optimizationprogram is proposed in this paper which obtained good optimization results. The usedmethods are simple, practicable and the amount of calculation is small. Actual running ofthermal power plants can be guided by this optimization program.According to the determined optimization scheme, the application is designed. Theload is offline optimized by using the application. It creates the conditions for the load ofunit which is online optimized.
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