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The Flame Temperature Detection of Stirling Engine Combustor Based RAW Format Data

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Tutor: LouChun
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: RAW,Stirling engine,combustor,image processing,temperature detection
CLC: TP274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The flame temperature is an important parameter of the Stirling engine combustor, theresearch of the Stirling engine combustor temperature and its distribution has importantguiding significance to study the combustion characteristic of Stirling engine combustor, toimprove the efficiency of Stirling cycle as well as to improve the Stirling engine structure.This subject in cooperation with the Shanghai Qiyao Power Technology Co., Ltd, we designand build a model of Stirling engine combustor flame visual inspection system, usesingle-chip color CCD capture RAW format data files based on digital image transmissiontechnology, and use the principle of two-color method to detect the Stirling enginecombustor temperature based on the RAW format data.First, we use blackbody furnace do the calibration experiments, the test results showthat the average temperature error of the measurement system is less than5%.Second, weanalysis the flame characteristics of the Stirling engine combustor, the results show that theflame light emitting region and the flame brightness increase linearly with the Stirlingengine load increase, and both have greater volatility, the distance from flame center to theburner nozzle gradually increase, from55mm in low load to73mm at high load.Finally, we select the flame images of No.1CCD for study, and compare the sixcomputing model results of the two temperature measurement methods. The results showthat the flame cloud images calculated by the two methods are similar to the original flame,the average temperature of the flame calculated by the two methods increase linearly withload increasing, but for the maximum temperature, only r,g model and r,b model of methodone increase linearly with load increasing. We select r,g model of method one, which meetsthe actual situation, to calculate temperature of the four CCD flame image, the results showthat the flame temperature of No.2CCD and No.3CCD is the highest, which means thecombustor flame is skewed, in low load the highest temperature of the Strling enginecombustor is about1800K, the average temperature is about1675K, and in high load thehighest temperature is about1820K, the average temperature is about1697K.
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