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Study of Low Nitrogen Combustion Technology on a300MW Tangential Boiler

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Tutor: HuSong
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: low NO_x combustion technology,numerical simulation,secondary controlled combust
CLC: TM621.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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At present, for the higher NO_x emissions in the domestic power plants tangentiallypulverized coal boiler, among many techniques of NO_x emission control, thetransformation of low-NO_x combustion is one of the most economical, safest and besteffective technologies to reduce NO_x emission. For the current low-NO_x combustiontechnology will easily affect the normal operating parameters of the boiler when reducingthe NO_x emission, this paper will fully analysis the various measures of low-NO_xcombustion techniques, to study how this measures affect NO_x emission and outletparameters, by monitoring the outlet NO_x, outlet temperature and outlet oxygen.This paper will use numerical calculation to simulate the combustion of the furnace.By verifying the model correctly we will ameliorate the furnace, which increases theSecondary Controlled Combustion Air (SCCA) and narrow secondary air nozzle area ofthe main combustion zone. By analysis of the results, the program was found to beappropriate to reduce NO_x emissions, but also have a certain impact on the parameters ofthe outlet sections. And thus optimize the design by change the rate of SCCA wind andadjust the position of the SCCA vents, come about when the SCCA wind rate is30%ofthe total amount of wind, and the position of the SCCA vents have a distance of5to8mfrom the the top primary air vents, the NO_x emission has best results, and at the sametime, the other parameters of the furnace exit does not change much. In order to furtheroptimize the design of the program, this paper also adjusted the size of the circle in theprimary combustion zone and the SCCA region, found the rational size of the circle caneffectively improve the furnace combustion and reduce the flue gas temperature deviation,while favor NO_x reduce.Finally, this paper analysised the regulation performance and adaptability of the furnace on furnace load adjustment, bottom air leakage and SCCA air change. The resultsshow that deviate from the design conditions, the combustion of the furnace and theparameters at the outlet will be some changes. Overall, the furnace after ameliorate has abetter adapt performance and the regulation performance.
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