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Research on Properties of Iron Ores Oxygen Carriers in Chemical Looping Combustion

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Tutor: ZhouYingBiao
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: Soot-blowing optimization,Consumption difference theory,Variable conditions,Ash
CLC: TM621.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Energy is huge in our country, rich in coal resources, which determines t-he energymainly from coal. Having said that, but the power price stability and coal price rise thatcause a sharp increase in the cost of generate electricity on in recent years, in order toreduce the cost in power plants, people use low quality coal mixed anthracite to burn,which is bound to cause boiler slag heated area ash seriously, in order to avoid such asituation, the power plant boiler soot-blowing optimization has become more and moreimportant.This paper dicussed the defection of the temperature measuring for boiler of powerplant in actual run in the high temperature area, and workers condition changes, changesof coal quality which caused the blowing system not exact. Take the power station boilerfor research the object, started the problem from quality side, in the high temperaturearea and combined consumption difference theory to calculate the consumption loss, andestablished Soot-blowing model; used heat balance method and fitting principle toestablish variable conditions Soot-blowing model for economizer; used differentia-lpressure method to establish the blowing model for Rotary air preheater Finallyaccording to the different value of the energy loss under the blowing and not blowingcompared with the soot blowing which can damage, then using mathematicalrelationships to calculate the best cycle.After established the soot-blowing model, developed a suite of ash contaminationmonitoring system, then introduced the various modules of the system functions,composition and work process between the various modules.Next, analysed the monitoring results for the monitoring systems, which selected fortwo consecutive days of offline data randomly under the previous data analysis model, then verified the feasibility of the model, and identified the main factors which influencethe soot-blowing. All of the above provides a reliable basis for the system of sootblowing optimization.At the last, the full text had been concluded then had a further discussion based oncurrent research and practical operation of uncertainty on the insufficiency andimprovement of this article.
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