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Research on Furnace Burning Numerical Simulation of 160t/h Circulation Fluidized Bed Boiler

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Tutor: LiWenHua
School: Liaoning Technical University
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: Circulation fluidized bed boiler,Furance,Numerical simulation,Combustion mode
CLC: TK229.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The coal is used as the main energy in our country,which is great power as energy source,but the burning of coal has serious impact on the environment, thereby the clean coal combustion technology of Circulating Fluidized Bed produced, develop rapidly in recent years, and has been widely used at home and abroad. Thus we are very concerned about the problem of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler burning.This paper takes the 160t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler as the research object and calculates with numerical simulation software FLUENT6.3 to expect the results of that will play a role in optimal design. Firstly, this paper briefly sums up the development of circulating fluidized bed boiler at home and abroad, operational principle, the advantages and disadvantages of the boiler, and improved degree of numerical simulation method. Secondly, on the basis of previous study, it establishes a whole mathematical model of the boiler furnace. The whole process of furnace simulation is very complex. There are gas-solid flow, heat transfer between the furnace and the water wall(it mainly includes convection and radiation), precipitation of volatile, combustion of gas and particle phase(involves the corresponding chemical reactions) etc. This paper adopted non-premixed combustion model. PDF model was used to gas phase turbulent combustion. Turbulent flow selected Standard k ?¦Åmodel; kinetics/diffusion-limited char combustion model was used to Coke combustion,volatile¡¯s exhalation of particles phase adopted two-competing rates devolatilization model, lagrangian particle trajectory is traced,and simple method is employed to solve N-S equations, First order upwind is selected to discretization of equation, do simulation after choosing model,it is analyzed that various condition of burning ,flowing and others in the furnace in different kinds of parameters, thus the conclusions will be used to guide the theoretical design and operation of boiler.
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