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Study on Reasonable Utilization and Optimizing Distribution of Steam in Iron and Steel Company

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Tutor: CaiJiuJu ZhangZuo
School: Northeastern University
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: iron and steel companies,steam,optimization,energy conservation
CLC: TF083
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Steam is a necessary energy media for production and daily life in iron and steel company, which occupies the third place except gas and electricity, so the position of steam should not be neglected. Steam system has become an important component of the iron and steel complex energy system, which not only involves the steam production, transmission, distribution, use, recycling and many other links, but also to be the complex large systems related to the production volume and quality improvement, reduced costs of raw materials, environmental pollution and other issues to improve. According to the statistics of part of large and medium-sized steel companies, steam power accounted for about 10% of total energy consumption of iron and steel companies, while there is also a great amount of recyclable waste steam, which accounted for about 7% of the energy consumption of companies. So, steam system optimization, and reasonable production and use of steam, will play a very important role in the overall energy efficiency. With this research background, this paper analyzes the production and utilization processes of steam in iron and steel companies, and analyzes the unreasonable production and use process of steam by using thermodynamic principle. Considering that steam can be replaced by other energy medias, this paper proposes an ideal model of steam utilization aiming at an iron and steel company with 10 million ton scale, and determine the minimum steam demand. The model of optimal distribution of steam has been established, and the model is applied in the steam system of Shougang Jingtang, and a better result is gained. The main research contents of this paper are as follows:1. The links of steam production, distribution, use, etc of iron and steel companies are deep understood, and the production and utilization of steam in the main production process, auxiliary process and daily life in iron and steel companies are analyzed.2. Thermodynamic analysis of steam production and use is made, and the unreasonable aspects of energy utilization are pointed out. Some corresponding energy conservation technologies are proposed. Considering the energy media displacement, the minimum steam demand is determined, and an ideal model of steam production and utilization aiming at an iron and steel company with 10 million ton scale is proposed.3. The model of steam system optimal distribution is established. This paper established the optimal model on the foundation of theory analysis, considering energy level match in the processes of steam generation and utilization, at the same time, considering the demand of electricity and water, which are closely related to the steam system and media displacement. The model is settled by the software ILOG. The model optimizes the steam system from steam generation and utilization two directions, and proposes reasonable scheme of steam generation and utilization for the company, to achieve the purpose of cost reduction.4. The optimization model is applied in Shougang Jingtang, and scheme of optimal distribution is proposed aiming at the present situation of Shougang Jingtang by the model solution, and the influence of parameters to the model is analyzed. Considering the diversification of production practice and energy media displacement, the corresponding schemes of adjustment are proposed, and bettre results are gained.
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