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Design and Analysis of a High-Efficiency Biogas Production System with Solar Heating Based on Therma

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Tutor: KongXiangQiang
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: biogas,High-efficiency Fermentation,solar energy,thermal management controller,n
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Biogas as a reproducible Energy gets a rapid development recently all over the wrold. The rural population is in the majority in China and developmenting the biogas projiect has a big advantage with not only meeting the needs of energy in the daily life, but aslo protectign the environment and improving the economic benefit. So it is a good method for the sustainable development.The fermentation temperature is very low and even the biogas plant is frozen to break down in Northern China influenced by the cold climate. This influences the normal working and the efficiencies of producing of the biogas plant. It presents a new system that heats up digester fermenting with solar energy associated with biogas boiler in accordance with these problems. A thermal management controller is applied to control the output temperature stability from solar heating. As a result, the temperature in biogas pool is kept in the range of high efficient fermentation and gas production, which resolves temperature fluctuation in the fermentation process of the feed liquid due to heat-collection load from solar energy.In this dissertation, the new high-efficiency biogas production system with solar heating is presented for a pig farm in Qingdao:designing a 94m3 biogas plant based on the statistics of the farm; calculating the heat load of the plant in thermophilic fermentation, the parameters of the thermal management controller and the required gross collector area during unfavorable weather conditions; designing the heater structure and installation method for the biogas plant.The temperature distribution of the biogas slurry in the biogas pool is simulated with the influence of gravity, and explore the effect on the temperature field brought by two different layouts of heater with Fluent. The simulation result shows that the heating rate of the segmented helix coil heater is faster than that of the integrated heater. The stirred-liquid method could be used to improve the layout of the temperature to more uniform for a higher rate.And this system has reference value for designing biogas plant in cold area of China.
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