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Pharmaceutical Study of Benzbromarone Dispersible Tablets

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Tutor: WangFanYe
School: Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Course: Biochemical Engineering
Keywords: benzbromarone,dispersible tablet,quality evaluation,stability tests
CLC: R94
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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There are no benzbromarone dispersible tablets in our country. Thebenzbromarone dispersible tablet is a new chemical medicine of the fifth kind. In thispaper, the pharmaceutical of the benzbromarone dispersible tablet is studied.Benzbromarone promote uric acid exertion.The chief of mechanical functionary ispromoteing uric acid excretion from the urine by containing kidneys to re-absorb theuric acid salt, increaseing in uric acid salt from intestinal, lowering blood uric¡¯, acidconcentration and non interference purin nucleotide metabolism. Benzbromarone isapplicable to primary hyperuricemia and gout. As the troche of benzbromarone, it hasthe disadvantage of coming out slowly, so it is very important to develop a newpreparation of benzbromarone dispersible tables with fewer side effects, more safetyand efficacy.In the preformulation researches, high-performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)method was developed for determination of content, drug release and relationalsubstance. The stability of benzbromarone were studied at the same time. Secondly, theprescription and preparation process of the dispersible tablet was studied, whichinclude the physicochemical properties of benzbromarone, the interaction studybetween the medicine and excipients, the design and filtrating of the prescription, theprocess and the quality evaluation of the benzbromarone dispersible tablets. In addition,we studied quality of benzbromarone dispersible tablets such as figure, discrimination,weight diversity, content assaying, release and microbe limitation checking of thebenzbromarone dispersible tablets. The checking result accorded with the relevantregulations of Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The last we studied the stability ofbenzbromarone dispersible tablets. The accelerating tests of stability and long term tests of stability were studied. The result suggested that benzbromarone dispersibletablets were stable in storage condition. The result of preliminary test on stabilityindicated that this benzbromarone dispersible tablet shoud be stored in a well-closed,light-resistant and cool place.
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