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The Design and Test Research on Biomass Pyrolysis Carbonization in Fixed-bed

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Tutor: ChenWenYi
School: Hebei University of Technology
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: biomass,carbonization,pyrolysis,fixed-bed
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the growth of population,deepening of industrialiation and modernization,theissue that shortage of energy sources is becoming highlight.Moreover,it has a bad influencefor people¡¯s body and mind that fossil fuels combustion,such as coal,oil and naturalgas,causing the pollution of environment.Research and utilization of clean,efficientrenewable energy has become the consensus of all mankind.The biomass pyrolysis carbonization in fixed-bed technology researched by thispaper,is used to develop the non-polluting,renewable and abundant biomass energy.It isbased on the following priciple.Under the condition of hypoxia, provide heat for biomassleading to internal macromolecule bond rupture.Generating the small molecularcompound,and then,transforming the charcoal,gas and biomass oil.Through thetechnology,we can transform abundant biomass resources,such as straws in the rural areasand urban waste,form low grade energy into non-polluting,easy storage and transport ofhigh quality sources.On the basis of research on pyrolysis carbonization mechanismin-depth and detailed,we design a high efficient,adaptable pyrolysis carbonization reactionsystem in view of the North China biomass resources characteristics.Analysising biomasspyrolysis carbonization experiment process and results,to improve the comprehensivebenefit of carbonization production.That can provide guidance for giving full pay tobiomass energy.The main content and result of the research are as follows:(1)Experimental device for biomass pyrolysis carbonization was designed andbuilt.We did some research on biomass pyrolysis carbonization process and results underdifferent pyrolysis carbonization conditions in this device.Based on the experiment,wefurther perfect the carbonization furnace and biomass pyrolysis process,to achieve thepurpose of improving biomass charcoal production and quality.Experimental resultsshowed that the fixed-bed biomass pyrolysis carbonization system and process design weadopted in the research is reasonable and effective.(2)Through adjusting the moisture content and particle size of cotton mate rial,heatingrate,the final pyrolysis temperature and other process parameter in experiment,we looked for better biomass pyrolysis carbonization process.Experimental results showed that it willget the biggest carbon production rate of35.8%in our device with heating rate of3¡æ/minand the final pyrolysis temperature of460¡æ.The thermall decomposition reaction has ahigher rate of carbon production when the particle size of carbonization raw material within10~15mm,the moisture content within5%~10%.(3)We did measurement and analysis the full moisture content,ash content volatilematter content and fixed carbon content of biomass carbon produced under differentpyrolysis process conditions.We got the following results.It has a significant effect forbiomass carbonization process and production quality under different final pyrolysistemperature.With the increase of final pyrolysis temperature cotton carbon moisture contentand volatile matter content gradually decrease,but instead,ash content and fixed carboncontent is increased.Fixed carbon content can reach the maximum of65.4%when the finalpyrolysis temperature is520¡æ.Under slow pyrolysis condition within10¡æ/min,thebiomass raw material content,particle size and pyrolysis reaction rate have no obviousimpacts on biomass carbon production quality.More than phenomena and results ofcarbonization reaction under higher heating rate remain to be further research.
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