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Numerical Study on Mufflers Fixed in Fluid Pipeline

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Tutor: WuDaZhuan
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: muffler,acoustic FEM,transmission loss,perforated pipe,transferadmittance
CLC: U661.44
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the continuous development of living standard, nowadays, people¡¯s demand of effective control of noise pollution is becoming more and more intense. What¡¯s more, to an underwater vehicle, the radiation noise through water pipeline system will affect its stealth and threaten the safety. One of the effective ways to reduce noise radiation is to fix a muffler in the fluid pipeline, either in the air or water medium.This thesis made use of SYSNOISE¡ªa commercial software for acoustic vibration analysis¡ªto carry out plenty of research work on mufflers and further optimized them, and then, based on the results in the air medium, analyzed the acoustic performance of different mufflers in the water.The first priority of this thesis was to confirm the accuracy of numerical method that was made use of, and the agreements between experimental data and numerical results turned out to be good. Then the thesis simulated various kinds of structures of reactive mufflers using the specific method, and drew a few conclusions.In order to decrease the flow losses of expansion mufflers, this thesis continued to study the perforated mufflers by using a method named¡¯transfer admittance¡¯, and compared the simulation with experimental data. Afterwards, porosity, diameter, wall thickness, etc were all discussed one by one.An experimental apparatus was set up for measuring the anechoic performance of a newly designed muffler which made full use of the conclusions drawn above. Then, this thesis designed and analyzed a couple of much more complex structures.At last, based on the relative knowledge and conclusions in the air medium, this thesis compared the different performances between the two kinds of mediums.
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