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Research on the Four Seasons Air Conditioning System Based on Dynamic Free Cooling

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Tutor: WangZhenHui
School: Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: Natural cold source,Numerical simulation analysis,EER,Energy saving,Experiments
CLC: TU831.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese telecommunications, network anddata industry led to large-scale construction of infrastructure, such as mobile base stations.The large-scale construction of the base station and the diversification and high-speedrunning of telecommunications equipment led to billion or even billions of dollars inelectricity costs of mobile base stations. Statistics indicates that the base station airconditioning systems exhaust about half of the huge amount of electricity. In response tothis situation, this paper studies an energy-efficient air-conditioning system taking fulladvantage of the all seasons natural cooling and conducts a numerical simulation analysisand experimental test of its free cooling energy-saving effect.The main idea of the air conditioning system developed in this paper is according tothe temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments and intelligentcontrol working mode of the system, enabling the system to achieve automatic conversionbetween functions of air conditioning and free-cooling. At the same time arrange theevaporator by the way of point-to-point at the premise that the temperature requirementsof the base station equipments are met. The use of low-grade cold to take away the heat ofthe indoor equipment can improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system,which greatly reduces the yearly operating costs of the cooling system.Using FLUENT software, this paper makes a three-dimensional simulation analysis forthe base station which using the air-conditioning system on the natural source of cold andthe air conditioning for comfort as the cold source. By this way, we can get both thetemperature field and the cold requirements of the two air-conditioning systems. Finally,by comparing and calculating we can find that the air-conditioning system using naturalcold source in the mode of automatic air conditioning could save energy49.5%,comparing to the conventional air conditioning system; when the air-conditioning systemusing natural cold source is in the mode of free cooling, the compressor does not work.Therefore, the energy saving effect is more significant and can reach80%.In the experimental part of the Four Seasons air conditioning using the natural coldsource, condition of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environmentsis10¡æ(indoor28¡æ, outdoor18¡æ)and we build the test-bed. We must arrange rightamount of heat sink and corresponding size of the fan in the indoor evaporator and theoutdoor condenser, and connect the evaporator and the condenser with insulation tube. When connecting the condenser and the evaporator, we should note that the height of thecondenser is larger than that of the evaporator, to facilitate the natural circulation of therefrigerant in the experimental apparatus. After optimizing the factors affecting the energyefficiency of the system we can find the EER of the system up to6.8.
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