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Research on Real-time Control for Motion Platform of Subway Simulator

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Tutor: LuoXianGuang
School: Xiangtan University
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: subway simulator,motion platform,random vibration,real-time control,positionand
CLC: U270.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the development of the national economy, Chinese urbanization process speeds up.At present, China is in the high-speed urbanization flight line, then, the importance of metrovehicles in urban traffic is increasingly prominent. The subway simulator has the greatadvantages and development prospects in driving training of rail transit£¬because of its safety,energy saving and high-efficiency. The simulator simulates mainly the operating system,visual system, sound system and motion system of the vehicle cab, and, the simulation ofmotion system influences directly the stability and ride comfort of simulation. The simulationaccuracy of vehicle motion system depends on the correctness of the vehicle dynamic model,so there must model a proper vehicle dynamics system, then it can make the vehicle driversfeel the real vibration environment. Based on the above-mentioned problems, the real-timecontrol on position and orientation of subway simulator motion platform was researched andanalyzed.In this article, there modeled the vertical, lateral and longitudinal dynamic mathematicalsystem of subway emulator according to the vehicle system overall structure; furthermore, itconsidered adequately the nonlinear suspension factors on the vehicle system.As the external excitation of vehicle system, the power spectral density of trackirregularity was transformed from frequency domain to time domain; the nonlinearcharacteristics, such as the wheel-rail contact geometry and the creep effect betweenwheel-rail rolling contact surface, were analyzed emphatically.Based on the subway emulator dynamics model, in this article, inputting the trackirregularities random time domain function as the excitation, through the two aspects ofvehicle running on straight line and curve negotiation, the time domain analysis of thevertical and horizontal vibration acceleration of subway simulator motion platform wasrealized taking advantage of MATLAB/SIMULINK programming software, and put its resultsand SIMPACK parameterized modeling simulation¡¯s are comparatively analyzed to verify thecorrectness and feasibility of subway emulator dynamic mathematical model; then through theresearch of vehicle traction and braking characteristics, it is concluded that the tractionacceleration and braking deceleration under the different metro vehicle running speed.The numerical calculation method that solved the inverse and forward position andorientation problems of6-DOF motion platform was presented, and the method was isscientific and reasonable with the example verifications. In order to satisfy the kinematics simulation real-time of the motion platform, using a fast simulation calculating method, thereal-time control simulation of the motion platform was realized; based on the networkcommunication system of VC++, the use of UDP realized the real-time interaction betweenthe Kinematics characteristic parameters of the subway simulator simulation.
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