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Research on Water Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning System with Low Temperature Water,Indoor Water C

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Tutor: WuDaMing
School: Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: groundwater heat pump,radiant cooling&heating,numericalsimulation,experimental t
CLC: TU831.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Researching and developing new type of cooling&heating system is becoming a study focus because of the tendency of energy saving and emission reduction,the severe energy situation and disadvantages of the traditional cooling&heating system.Because radiant cooling&heating system and groundwater heat pump system are both energy saving,environmental and comfortable,a new type of cooling&heating system with these two technologies emerges.A water source heat pump air conditioning system with low temperature water,indoor water cycle and multiple radiant surfaces was established in Jiyuan and its operational feasibility was researched.The water source heat pump was used as the system¡¯s cold and heat source.A new type of radiant terminal device was researched and developed independently and was used as the system¡¯s indoor heat exchange device.The system¡¯s control system was also researched and developed independently to regulate indoor temperature and avoid condensation of moisture from air on the radiant cooling surfaces. Fluent was used to simulate the indoor thermal environment of the experimental system and the traditional cooling&heating system when used for cooling.The conclusions are as follows:(1)In terms of indoor air temperature and velocity,the new system is more comfortable than the traditonal system.(2)Residents won¡¯t feel intense draught,local cooling and heating of the body when using this new system.Meanwhile,the indoor air with low velocity will remain in the circulatory and active state so that residents won¡¯t feel frowsty.Data,such as the indoor air temperature,indoor air humidity,surface temperature of building envelope,supply and return water temperature,water flow,vertical and horizontal air temperature distribution, were tested.Operational characteristics,feasibility of the control strategy and thermal comfort were researched according to the tested data.The conclusions are as follows:(1)The new system needs longer warmup time and precooling time.(2)The system¡¯s cool and heat storage capacity are good.(3)The distribution of the indoor air temperature of the new system is very homogeneous.(4)The system¡¯s local thermal comfort is good.But its overall thermal comfort can¡¯t meet requirements of ISO7730because of the special experimental period and the experimental room¡¯s leakproofness.(5)The control strategy is feasible.But the control accuracy needs to be improved by adopting suitable valve position adjustment procedure.The innovations are as follows:(1)The indoor water cycle is completely closed.(2)A11the building envelopes are equipped with radiant terminal device.(3)Put forward a new type of radiant termanal device.(4)Put forward an anti-condensation control strategy based on self-regulation of indoor water cycle temperature and intermittent operation of the indoor water cycle.
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