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Optimized Operation of600MW Steam Turbine Cirulation Water System Based on the Simulated Annealing A

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Tutor: WangQingChao
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: circulating water system,optimal operation,simulated annealingalgorithm,energy-s
CLC: TM621
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Potential energy-saving has become the important goal of the thermal powerunit. Operation of circulating water system of power plant is still a simple switchcontrol of circulating water pump,currently. It means there is large discrete flowcontrol on the circulating water. Water pumps often run in the area that deviatedfrom the high efficiency field, which waste the electic-energy. In this work, throughactual operating aspect of a600MW steam electic generating set in GuiZhou, theproblem is characteristic parameters of steam, condenser and water ciculating pumpinterconnects. Estsblishing the principle of condenser vacuum and seting up themathmatical model based on difference value between turbine generator output andpump consumption as a target function. Calculation the conbined operation in fixedpump using SPQ algorithm while frequency control strategies in variant pump usingSAA algorithm. Moreover, analysis of two calculation socioecnomiclly. Seekingout the optimum vacuum of condenser to find the most energy-efficient way toachieve energy-saving optimization. Changing the water temperture and the turbinunit load, get minimum flow in practical optimal vacuum and ratio. Make specificdata analysis about turbin uint running condition in scene.
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