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Research on Aero-engine Fan Blade Exploding Out Technology

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Tutor: HongWeiRong
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords: Case containment,Explosion fan blade out,Linear shaped charge cutter,FEM
CLC: V263.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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"Fan Blade-Out Test", which is a very important part of Aero-engine containment tests, is usually conducted by releasing a fan blade to strike the case at the maximum operating rotating speed of the engine. The case should contain all the fragments and avoid serious damage to other structure of the aircraft.The methods to make the blade fly out are "Precrack in the root of the blade" and "Fan blade exploding out". Fan blade exploding out technology has been studied in this thesis. Static explosion experiments were conducted to TC4plates, whose thickness were15mm and30mm. To get a more reasonable explosion method, the response and process energy of plates under contact explosion and linear shaped charge cutting were simulated by finite element method.The ALE fluid-structure coupling algorithm of LS-FYNA software was used to simulate the process of explosion. Material TC4shows a clear strain rate effect, and gives a brittle fracture with little deformation under explosion load, or just little deformation even if charges can not split it into two. It is difficult to split the plate into two with shallow grooves as most charges explode on the surface and explosion energy can not concentrate in one direction. If grooves are deep enough, most charges explode in grooves and the plate present brittle fracture like under stretching or stretching-bending load. It is easy to split the plate into two with little extra kinetic energy under the condition of asymmetric grooves.Linear shaped charge cutter can be used to cut TC4plate. TC4plate presents erosion and brittle fracture under the jet flow erosion and jet metal strike, the fracture is not caused only by the jet flow erosion if the plate is thick.The real engine fan blade uses dovetail structure, then explosion cutting static as well as rotating dovetail are simulated. Results show flexible linear shaped charge cutter forms smooth and steady jet flow and a smooth cutting surface when cutting an arc surface. The comparison of energy changing curve between static cutting process and rotating cutting process shows the extra kinetic energy caused by cutter is very limited, and linear shaped charge cutter can be as the first choice of Fan Blade Exploding Out technique.Contact explosion with asymmetric grooves on dovetail is also simulated:process of energy transmission is rapid, and the cutting process is fast, but the cutting surface is not plain and smooth, influenced by dovetail. Explosion with asymmetric grooves can be an alternative in the test.Finally, the rotational explosion test plan is given.
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