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The Design of Tanks Liquid Level Measurement and Control System

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Tutor: ZhouLun
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Tanks level,Spoke,Load Cell,SCM
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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With the continuous development of microelectronics technology , people on the level of measurement accuracy and automation have become increasingly demanding , especially in high temperature , high pressure, acids, alkalis and other circumstances of a higher level detection requirements, not only to ensure sufficient accuracy , pay more attention to safe and reliable measurements . This topic - tanks level control system design is based on this argument. Firstly, on the current level tanks several detection methods for the measurement accuracy is not high , low reliability , maintainability and real defects and poor , raised feasible plan . Then the whole jug level control system is divided into four modules , sub- section of each module are described. Load cell is designed to be the focus of this study . In a modern automatic detection system, if there is no sensor , you can not monitor and control the production process in all aspects of the various parameters, will not be able to achieve automatic control , so the design of the sensor is particularly important. This paper discusses in detail the weighing sensor design process. Tanks level gauge OP07 hardware circuit design includes a differential amplifier circuit , ICL7135 four half- AD conversion circuit , ISP download circuit and microcontroller peripheral expansion circuits each have a modular design , high reliability and ease of maintenance . Power supply design part, due to sensor bridge , amplifier , A / D conversion circuit of the various chips are required for stability of the power supply , and their selection of different voltage , but also to avoid the interference , part of the chip to the positive and negative group supply. For these requirements , the design of a practical power supply. Application software part modular design , is divided into eight modules of the design. Such as A / D conversion process , I / O conversion process , man-machine interface program , the alarm level setup , tanks weight setup , clear the reset procedure , serial communications and the main program . The system circuit design is versatile and can be applied to other liquid or non- liquid level detection system.
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