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Industrial CT Oriented USB2.0 High Speed Data Transmission System

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Tutor: DuanLiMing
School: Chongqing University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: USB,FPGA,WDM,Firmware
CLC: TP311.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Traditional industrial CT data transmission systems generally use ISA and PCI bus , there is expensive, poor scalability , the transmission speed is low, convenient installation and wiring complexity and other issues, in some cases can not meet the actual needs of scientific research and production . USB technology appears a good solution to the above problem. USB bus with support for plug and play, easy expansion ( up to 127 can be connected to external devices ) , occupying less system resources ( only takes one IRP), without bus contention , high transmission rate (USB2.0 protocol transmission rate 60MByte/Sec) , etc., the USB technology into industrial CT can effectively resolve the ISA and PCI transmission system problems . This thesis studied and designed for industrial CT is a bus technology based on USB2.0 high speed data transmission systems . Firstly, starting from the general idea described in detail USB2.0 bus protocol and FPGA technologies , and from reliable data transmission , high-speed , stable performance departure raised the overall hardware design. Transmission systems using Cypress's EZ-USB FX2 (CY7C68013A) as a USB interface chip , the chip uses Slave FIFO interface mode , complete the Slave FIFO interface mode circuit design and firmware design . The main control module uses Altera's Cyclone series EP1C6Q240C8N the FPGA, the FPGA chip as the core of the entire transmission system control , the definition section of the buffer to receive data from the probe to generate logic control signals and timing signals to control the transmission FPGA part of the data received from the probe to the USB endpoint buffer. Finally block transfer mode via USB send data to the PC side, the waveform is displayed and saved as TXT format files. The entire transmission system software development includes drivers, firmware , FPGA and PC side application program design . Complete the data transmission test and write speeds of up to 30MByte/Sec, meet the design requirements . Transmission system combines USB technology and FPGA technology to improve the performance of the system , reducing the volume of the device .
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