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Design and Implementation of Temperature Control on Bonding System of RFID Packaging Equipment

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Tutor: YinZhouPing
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Electronic Packaging,Hot pressing,Temperature control,Pt100,Linearization,PID al
CLC: TP391.44
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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With the rapid development of electronic information technology , radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the logistics industry extensively carried out to show the excellent application performance of the electronic tags , so that the people waiting on the promotion of the electronic label applications . However, the development and production process of the manufacturing equipment for electronic tags become a bottleneck restricting its low-cost production . Anisotropic conductive adhesive interconnect packaging process , design a set of electronic tags , RFID ( radio frequency identification ) package curing temperature control system of the module , and the temperature control system for closed-loop control of the PID algorithm experiments . Comparison of three temperature sensors ( thermocouples, platinum resistance , thermistor ) performance , select the the PT100 sensor - suitable for the control system , and its temperature characteristics analysis . For the non-linearity of the sensor , proposes two correction program , were given two scenarios exist error . Finally arrive at the high linearity of the temperature transmitter module . By the method of measuring the internal surface temperature points to solve the problem of measuring the temperature of the conductive adhesive . According to control requirements , the design 64 can simultaneously control the thermal head temperature control program . The designed microcontroller main circuit , drive circuit , memory circuit schematic and PCB drawing and production . System identification, the defendant objects using Matlab software simulation , PID control parameters . And validation and comparison with experimental methods , and ultimately get the appropriate control algorithms and parameters , reference to the subsequent development of equipment and research work . Finally, a summary of the research paper , \
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