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Research and Development of Mobile Rat-Repelling Robot

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Tutor: ZhouLun
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: mobile robot,rat-repelling,obstacle avoidance,fuzzy control
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Rats are the natural enemies of humanity, people have always used drugs, chemicals, and other ways to anti-rat, but they are not allowed in restaurant and in kitchen, it has a bearing on people¡¯s lives and safety, Resulting in a new way to fight with rat¡ªrepelling rat. Thus there appeared the electronic repelling rat way.Now the electronic rat repellent are basically fixed in one place launch ultrasonic to repel rat in market. The mobile rat repelling robot is falling together with the electronic rat repellent and the mobile robot, it overcome the problem that the general electronic rat repellent can only repel rat in a small area and send out a fixed frequency. This paper summarizes the present research situation in mobile robot flied, and introduces the research background of this subject in the first part. It also describes the main study contents and research work of this dissertation.There designed the body structure of the robot in paper, Chassis used circular structure, two independent driving wheels lie on the robot¡¯s left and right, this design allows flexible mobile robot, it can move freely in small space. The controller system is the most important part of the design, AT89S52 used as a control system for control of the core chip. This paper analyzes design and development of control system in detail. According to module design style, the control system includes MCU module, obstacle avoidance module, motor drive module, remote control module, power supply module and so on. Besides, it makes a discussion about the hardware design¡¯s feasibility and some relative questions.The mobile robot control is a difficulty in research. It adopts the way of follow-wall. This paper refers to the fuzzy control strategy in the obstacle avoidance application. The result of the experiment shows that the robot designed has the functions of the demand of the task.
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