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The Telecontrol of Numerical Control Milling System

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Tutor: MengWen
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: CNC milling,Motion Control Card,TCP / IP protocol,Remote Control
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Motion control technology is a key component of the mechanical and electrical integration technology with the rapid development of technology of mechanical and electrical integration, it has also been widely used. Domestic and foreign manufacturers have launched new motion control products, including controllers, actuators, transmission structure and detection elements. Movement control means for real-time control management for computer control of the mechanical transmission device, i.e. on the mechanical moving parts of the position, velocity, etc., so that completion of the corresponding operation in accordance with the anticipated trajectory and a predetermined motion parameters. Today, the motion control organic combination of technology and network technology has become a new research direction of development, through the transfer of motion parameters and the state of motion, remote control and monitoring of the motion control system can solve the problem of shortage of hardware resources, to achieve multi- the user remote real-time control, especially in distance learning, industrial control and other aspects of great significance. This paper analyzes the application and development direction of motion control technology and remote control technology, the overall scheme of the control system and design framework, that mpc02 motion control card as the main controller, AC servo motors as actuators to achieve the milling motion control functions, real-time control LAN within the TCP / IP protocol. In this thesis, a detailed description of CNC milling based on mpc02 motion control card remote control system software design. The dynamic link library technology to achieve the control of the motion control card for AC servo motor; Remote Control is based in part on the TCP / IP protocol, using asynchronous socket Socket controls and the use of Delphi. Client transfer motion parameters and run the command to the server, to drive the implementation of the device; server device operating status back to the client, easy client monitoring. Function, the software system is mainly divided into six modules: processing File processing module, parameter setting module, graphics dynamic display module, communication module, process management module, the status display module. The entire software system coordinated by six modules work together to accomplish the task. Experimental results show that the paper design software system allows any client connected to the LAN, real-time, accurate and reliable CNC milling motion system remote control.
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