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Workshop based on the information terminal device layer information technology research collaboratio

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Tutor: ZuoPing
School: Chongqing University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Information synchronization,Information terminal,News,syncML agreement
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Modern manufacturing industry in the face of fierce market competition, the business community's main strategy is to use the manufacturing technology and information technology, automation technology, modern management techniques and systems science and technology of organic combination of a new generation of advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore, many enterprises to implement the enterprise resource planning system (ERP), product data management system (PDM), the process control system (PCS), these systems for enterprise network management and paperless manufacturing have played a significant role. However, they are not able to enterprise management and the shop floor, connect the device layer, in order to solve this problem, the introduction of enterprise manufacturing execution systems (MES), and through the MES to achieve enterprise information integration and interaction. Manufacturing execution system emphasizes implementation of the plan, it is in corporate management and control layer has set up a bridge. It relies on technology to achieve data synchronization between the layers of information transmission, ensure that the central database and the layers between the database and the data node consistency and timeliness of information, in order to achieve internal communication between the layers and resource sharing. Most manufacturers in the respective systems are used in a custom synchronization protocol, so that the enterprise different systems, different equipment, different databases, different networks may use different synchronization protocol difficult to understand each other, to information exchange between them difficult. Therefore, we introduced this system SyncML protocol, as in heterogeneous platforms, heterogeneous communication networks, and data exchange between different applications and synchronization provides an open, standard mechanism. SyncML technology draws on the advantages of other data synchronization technology, the introduction of XML technology for generic content representation framework design, and provide a standard set of information exchange processes and fault handling, recovery mechanism, as the current synchronization technology mainstream of development. In this issue, the paper through the manufacturing execution system in-depth research, analysis of the shop floor synchronization requirements, verify the data synchronization necessity and feasibility of development. Then, the paper again SyncML synchronization protocol carried out a detailed study on the content of the agreement, the agreement represents methods, protocols etc synchronization process conducted in-depth understanding to design a system synchronization model. Next, focus on the model involved in the various key technologies (including message construction and parsing, ID mapping, synchronization anchor device capability description, synchronization log management, message authentication and other technologies) for a detailed discussion, and introduce the key solutions and systems interface, while, for the inevitable process of synchronization synchronization conflicts, for different types of conflict, based on the data presented a priority conflict resolution. Finally, the synchronous model is applied to \
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