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VRML-based virtual assembly technology of mechanical products

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Tutor: LiuYanCong
School: China University of Petroleum
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: VRML,Virtual Assembly,Sequence Planning,Path planning,Collision Detection
CLC: TP391.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Virtual Assembly in manufacturing a wide range of applications to enhance VRML-based virtual assembly technology research has important significance. Application of VRML Virtual Assembly to achieve product is to achieve a particular virtual assembly technology , the paper combines the virtual assembly of the main issues . Environmental modeling , part modeling , sequence planning , path planning and virtual assembly process control is the main problem . To these problems as the main line , analysis of the application of their products VRML virtual assembly features on these issues and solutions ; VRML and other languages ??by analyzing a combination of circumstances and for the realization of virtual assembly VRML file should have the structural characteristics , the establishment of virtual assembly environment modeling technology solutions and apply VRML model of the system from the CAD system transformation and processing methods ; discusses how the product sequence planning and path planning to establish VRML model disassembly animation interpolator critical value, establishes a one kind of animation and collision detection via removable auxiliary sequence of the finished product planning and path planning approach. By analyzing the sum of the three basic interaction principles VRML interaction pattern classification and application methods, research and established to achieve animation effects , mainly interactive features and collision detection approach. Completed reducers and virtual assembly system modeling to achieve a virtual assembly reducer . Virtual assembly through reducer practice , the establishment of a simple and effective use of a mechanical product VRML virtual assembly method, you can quickly create a virtual assembly environment of mechanical products and virtual model of a mechanical assembly of the main function of the virtual product - such as virtual model to add, delete , motion simulation and collision detection , and then complete the product sequence planning and path planning .
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