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A Scheduling Algorithm Based on Dynamic Information and Application in Mechanical Workshop

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Tutor: LiuFei
School: Chongqing University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: MES,Dynamic information,Scheduling algorithm,Heuristic rules
CLC: TH166
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The Job-Shop scheduling is one of the most important parts of Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It has important meaning for improving the utilize efficiency of enterprise¡¯s resources, elevating the quality of production, shorting the delivery period and reducing the cost, raising the enterprise competition level in economy.The concept of scheduling, production scheduling and job shop scheduling, were expatiated; Along with the expatiation of the development trendy and actuality of scheduling, the gap of fundamental research and practical application was appeared gradually.In view of the characteristic of the job shop scheduling, this thesis investigated and analyzed the problem of workshop job scheduling on the condition of dynamic information with mathematical linguistics, followed by a scheduling model, which aims at getting the smallest leisure period of material and a function named matching quotiety in processing(MQP) which was the function of some variable related production, such as essential coefficient of equipments, essential coefficient of working procedure, process period, the debug period, historical data etc. This thesis established a simulate scheduling model, which can simulate the entire course under the guidance of flexible rule and get a appraisal to dispatch plan, by which, a target-oriented adjustment was introduced to adjust the simulation parameters. The iterativeness of simulation and appraisal can enhance the quality of dispatch plan unceasingly. This method may act according to the actual production situation to adjust the quotiety of processing duty and equipment¡¯s assignment promptly, and feed back the production data to the job scheduling model actually through parameter actuation, to elevate self-adjustment ability of the algorithm.Reference the scheduling Algorithm, A scheduling function model was established which is a closed-loop of "scheduling or re-scheduling, manual regulation, execution and monitoring, scheduling or re-scheduling" and developed to a job shop scheduling system based on the dynamic information.As an important part of Manufacturing Execution System (MES), the system has been applied in ChongQing Caff Automotive Braking & Steering Systems Co.LTD successfully. The trial operation result shows that it can improve the efficiency and enhance the level of scheduling in its numerical control workshop, at the help of visualization of scheduling Gantt, the convenience manual regulation way and the way of accumulating experience effectively
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