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Design and Application of the Systems of Information Interactive Terminal in MES Based on Windows CE

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Tutor: LiuFei ZuoPing
School: Chongqing University
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Interactive information terminal,MES,Windows CE,Underlying interface driver
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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With the enterprise information technology continues to evolve, MES (Manufacturing Execution System, Manufacturing Execution Systems) as the connection program management and corporate upper level control of the bridge, in the rapid developments in the field of enterprise information. MES is the implementation of information exchange technology information system workshop equipment level of the key issues, this paper presents a research project relying MES interactive information terminal, which was completed in the MES production monitoring, operator guidance, teaching process, alarm and other functions, and enhance the exchange of information within the enterprise and sharing capabilities, and information in real time to improve the company's manufacturing capacity and reduce costs. The terminal is an integrated hardware and software for embedded devices, and the use of Windows CE operating system. In this paper, project practice, the focus on information exchange MES terminal hardware platform porting Windows CE operating system and hardware interface driver implementation are studied. Firstly, the paper describes a device-oriented MES layer mode of operation, information exchange terminal analysis of MES functions to achieve the MES layer support platform role; Then the MES interactive information terminal hardware architecture are described, and highlights the RMI AU1100 processor performance and hardware platform interface design; Finally, through the analysis of typical embedded operating system, the MES terminal information exchange system was selection, propose a Windows CE operating system MES interactive information terminal system solutions. Secondly, the introduction of Windows CE device driver model and interrupt architecture, and interrupt-driven model based on the above study architecture, interactive information terminal according to the various MES communication interface and human-computer interaction interface hardware circuit connection, designed and implemented various interface driver software. Among them, the communication interfaces including Ethernet and Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface, interactive graphical interfaces including LCD display interface, touch screen input interface and audio input and output interfaces. Again, the introduction of Windows CE system architecture that the system model and core operating system services. Detailed analysis of the MES information exchange terminal hardware platform Windows CE operating system migration steps and Boot Loader development steps. Describes the Windows CE operating system migration debugging methods and processes. Finally, the research group designed a workshop manufacturing process information system is loaded into the Windows CE-based MES terminal information exchange platform, and the MES system is applied to the South Intec Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. production workshop, making enterprises significantly improve production efficiency enterprises to gain advantages in market competition, confirmed this information based on Windows CE MES interactive terminal feasibility and practicality.
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