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Research and Development of Configuration Based Stage Batten Control System

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Tutor: JiShiMing ChenDeSheng
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Stage suspended boom,Configuration Based Technology,Programmable logic control,H
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Suspended boom, a kind of traditional stage equipment, is set up on the top of the stage to suspend curtains and lights. It is frequently used in the stage.Relay and contactor are commonly used in traditional stage machinery control system. A great quantity of battens used in the stage results in considerable demand of relay and contactor, which leads to complex connectivity and low reliability of the control system.Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a perfect combination of traditional relay-contactor system and computer technology. It is widely used in industrial control systems for its high reliability and user-friendliness. Moreover, PLC can be connected to each other or to other computers through its communication interface to form a network control system.In order to easily manage the control system, host machine is needed in the control system for its human-computer interface.Due to fast development of configuration based control system in recent years, IPC based host machine and PLC based client machine (data collector and controller) becomes the main current of distributed control system R&D. Therefore, stage batten controller also adopts this technology.This paper introduces a distributed stage suspender control system, which is based on configuration and PLC technology. A distributed controlling network for stage batten is built up and is composed of one host machine (Yan Hua industrial control machine for configuration and management) and several client machines (Omron CPM1A for control).The main contents of this paper are: (1) The architecture of distributed suspender control system. (2) Host machine design for configuration and management. (3) Client machine design for batten control.
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