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Research on Embedded Monitoring Technology and System Development for Automobile Assembly

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Tutor: LouPeiHuang
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Automobile assembly,¦ÌC/OS- ¢ò,TCP / IP,VGA,Web Server
CLC: TP277
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The automotive industry is one of the most modern manufacturing representative and most dynamic industries , there have been many new requirements to adapt to the development needs of the modern automobile manufacturing , monitoring and management of the automobile assembly line . The use of real-time monitoring system to manage the direction of the development of the modern production management , and real - time data acquisition and transmission production site monitoring system on the basis of the production process . Basically industrial PC or PLC as the main means of monitoring , this is not only a waste of resources , but also increase the cost of production . Fully study the research situation and the level of technology based on the embedded technology monitoring and management system of the introduction of the automobile assembly line for car assembly production site acquisition and display requirements , design and development of embedded technology - based production data in real time acquisition and display integrated system . The paper first proposed a system to achieve the overall program and key technologies . Then details the methods and processes from the hardware design and software design . Fully consider in terms of hardware design , electromagnetic compatibility , completed hardware circuit optimization design ; complete the porting of embedded real-time operating system ¦ÌC/OS- ¢ò in software design , VGA video display application development , and the transplantation embedded TCP / IP protocol stack based on Ethernet - based data acquisition and embedded Web Server . This paper the design and development of embedded production data acquisition and display integrated system , through trial and preliminary applications show that real-time information collection and processing of the production site , not only can put aside a PC or PLC to achieve real-time information display via Ethernet , but also to remote access through a browser , and has a simple structure , low cost , easy-to-use features , provides a new technical means to achieve real-time information collection and monitoring of the production process .
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