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The Research of Dynamics and Control of Industry Robot and Its Visual Simulation

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Tutor: WuHongTao
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Visualization,Industrial Robot,Dynamics,Screw Theory,Articulated Body Algorithm,
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Multi-body system dynamics is a cross-discipline, rigid body mechanics, mechanical analysis, elasticity, matrix theory, graph theory, mathematical calculations and automatic control theory, and other multi-disciplinary integration of the product. Multi-body system dynamics was taken seriously today, because it has an important practical value at machinery, vehicles, robots, aviation and aerospace, and other engineering fields.Althogh dynamical modeling methods reach the same goal by different route, the efficencies of their releavent software are different to each other with the high and the low. With the increasing of the system degree, the calculation effience has great points and worth for the more and more complicated, huge multibody system.It has greatly reduced the expensive and time wasting manufactrue and exprements of physical proto-type. For the dynamics algorithm research, the paper will be based on the skew-symmetric form, focusing on efficiency considerations, get forward and inverse the dynamics Recurrence algorithm.Inverse dynamics is for the the calculation of torque, is needed for the real-time control. By using efficient recursive algorithm of Newton Euler, the calculation is O(N ) algorithm.Forward dynamics is for the robot dynamics analysis and simulation, mainly to complete the simulation of the state and real-time feedback control.By simulation, implementing the design and comparison of the control algorithm and control strategy, to optimize the parameters of the control function. Basic methods, such as Unit-vector method algorithm, ABA algorithm.Multi-body dynamics have an important role in the industrial robot. In the industrial robot R & D design and the control process are associated to the robot dynamics.The development of computer simulation technology provides an effective means for visual reproduction of complex mechanical system¡¯s dynamic process. The simulation results could be expressed in the form of graphs, and can also be observed through three-dimensional animation.This paper would introduce two visual dynamics simulation methods. With visual simulation platform, it needs to add control method and dynamics algorithms to the platform.Simulation system related to rigid body mechanics, robot kinematics, robot dynamics, robot parts modeling, 3D animation model robots and robot motion control and other issues.
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