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Virtual Robot Technology and Simulation for Disassembling End-of-Life Vehicles

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Tutor: XueJianBin
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: End - of - life vehicle dismantling,Removal tool,Virtual robot,Virtual demolitio
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Possible end-of-life vehicle recycling, dismantling and recycling reuse work, the protection of the environment, energy conservation is of great significance. However, our end-of-life vehicle dismantling work has only just started, there is a dismantling tool backward, primitive means of dismantling recovery low. Therefore, it is necessary to improve end-of-life vehicle processing efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve the recovery of valuable aids or equipment used in the end-of-life vehicle processing. In view of this, based on research at home and abroad to end-of-life vehicle dismantling the status quo, the robot used in end-of-life vehicle processing, virtual environment of end-of-life vehicle dismantling and robot motion simulation method. For end-of-life vehicle dismantling virtual robotics and simulation studies from four aspects: First, according to the process of modernization of processing scrap cars, the proposed combination of the demolition of the destructive demolition and selective demolition robot tool technologies and systems dynamic identification scheme used in the processing of scrap cars, discussed in detail the basis of the demolition unit, pointed out the significance of the robot unit on end-of-life vehicle dismantling; Secondly, the virtualization solution based on the real robot to FANUC Mi6B robot prototyping virtual robot, achieved in part consistent with the real robot kinematics; Again, to improve end-of-life vehicle disassembly sequence planning program, the goal of dismantling parts connected device removed around the disassembly sequence planning method, the destructive removal and robotic constraints included in the disassembly sequence planning account. Remove the constraints in the analysis of the virtual environment, the local coordinate system of the space in each target demolition and valuable demolition pieces calibration, said space demolition parts pose and motion conversion using 4-order the posture matrix and the movement matrix. Detailed analysis of the the robot tool positioning process of the tool positioning method, derived from Part demolition operation principle of the robot tool motion transformation matrix; Finally, a mixed development, engineering software developed the virtual robot moves the operator panel to achieve the processing of scrap cars The simple process of robot motion simulation, virtual robot and doors, for example the removal action simulation. The simulation process can help remove the planners did not take into account the presence of interference, pre-planning can also verify the direction of the partial demolition and removal path.
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