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Research on the Design of a New Six-axis Wrist Force Sensor

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Tutor: WuHongTao
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: wrist force sensor,ADAMS,finite element,additional elastic component,force Jacob
CLC: TP212
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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A new parallel six-axis wrist force sensor is proposed in this dissertation, it can solve the problem which the contravention between the rigidity and sensitivity among the traditional force sensor. It uses parallel form and achieves the goal of magnifying the strain of the elastic connecting rod through fixing additional elastic components on the six elastic connecting rods. Gluing Strain gauges on the distortion units of the additional elastic components, we can obtain the force on the rods through measuring the strain of the distortion units, it can largely enhance the examination sensitivity. That can guarantee the sensor has very great rigidity because it need not fix distortion units in series on the elastic rods in order to enhance the sensitivity of the sensor.The theory of force exchange of the parallel force sensor is analyzed in the dissertation in first, it provides the basic theory basis for designing the parallel force sensor. Then directly infers six dimensions force Jacobian matrix through using the spatial force transfer relations of the parallel sensor and obtains concrete structure parameter expression of the Jacobian matrix. It has confirmed the theoretical analysis is correct through the ADAMS simulation.The analytic relationship between Jacobian matrix condition number and the structure parameters of the sensor has been educed by the least principle of Jacobian matrix condition number, then designs the basic structure of the sensor according to the analytic relationship.The theory of the strain enlargement factor of the additional elastic component has been analyzed and the analytic relationship between strain enlargement factor and the structure parameters of the additional elastic component has been educed. The factors which affect the strain enlargement factor of the additional elastic component are obtained and it provides theory basis for optimizing the structure of the additional elastic component.Take the theory of the strain enlargement of the additional elastic component as the basis, using the finite element method to analyze the additional elastic component. In this foundation, further optimization is made to the additional elastic component and has obtained its best structure.Transient dynamics analysis to the structure of the sensor has been carried on through ADAMS simulation and has obtained the basic dynamical performance parameters through the dynamical response curves.The sensor system and suitable bridge circuit have been designed and the overall construction of the measuring system has been designed. At last, the programming theory of the data acquisition software of the sensor has been studied.
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