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The Automatic Detection/Substitution Equipment of a Certain Kind of Engineering Vehicle

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Tutor: YangMing
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Automatic detection/substitution equipment,Single Chip Processor,Complex program
CLC: TP274.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The automatic detection equipment can be used to detect the circuit-control system of a certain kind of engineering vehicle. The detection equipment is composed by following modules: central processing unit(MCS-51), multi-selector(MAX392), external interface. The external interface is expanded by CPLD. The detection equipment can easily collect, process the signals and display them, it provide accuracy data and information for the maintenance men to consult to fix the vehicle. This detection equipment can also be used as a substitute for the vehicle. It could be expanded and be updated, and a fault-rules database could also be established to provide more and correct guidance to maintenance men.This article begins with classification and development of intelligence diagnosis instrument, argues examination methods and projects of the system, and analyzes a possibility that use MCS-51 as central process unit and use CPLD to connect electric circuits to make the MCS-51 to be able to control several more instruments. Afterwards, the article tells about the structure of the Engineering Vehicle¡¯s electricity-control system and the work principle of the electricity-control system, then it gives the project of the design of the detection equipment. The paper introduces in detail the function characteristics and important methods of the hardware¡¯s design and the modules¡¯structure of the software, especially ,the paper introduce the function of the CPLD¡¯s software. In the meantime, the article also tells some problems which should be avoid and some methods should be used in the design.The detection equipment¡¯s functions of fault diagnosis and maintenance are very practical, which have been demonstrated by the field test and trial.
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