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Design and development of a comprehensive library forging business

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Tutor: LiDongBo
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords: forging enterprise,the management system of comprehensive stock,ABC classificati
CLC: TG318
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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As the change on forgings production mode and the improvement of forgings¡¯ quality and accuracy, serious opportunities and challenges is coming to the forging industry. The traditional manual management already cannot get used to the market, so, the application of computer and information technology, which can improve the forging enterprise¡¯s management level, reduce production costs, and improve the efficiency, is the forging enterprise survival develops and enhances the competitive power the intrinsic request. Therefore, developing an inventory management system for forging enterprise to manage different kinds of stock more reasonably becomes necessary.On the basis of informationization project for some forging enterprise, the management system of comprehensive stock based on J2EE platform is developed. The main researches in this paper are as follows:Firstly, through analyzing the layout, business processes and management status of comprehensive stock, it has finished requirement analysis for comprehensive stock management system and built the system architecture.Secondly, the optimization model of comprehensive stock management is researched. The method of ABC classification is applied to manage all materials. Material coding is used to statistics analysis. A dynamic district of inventory management model which can improve the efficiency and utilizations of the warehouses is presented.Thirdly, the application of an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is researched to build store space configuration management model. The main factors of selecting the stockpile¡¯s spot and weights of distribution for the goal are analyzed. According to the actual situation of yard, it analyses the model of store space configuration management is analyzed, and then its satisfaction is verified.Fourthly, it has analyzed and designed all subsystems of comprehensive stock including steel stock, substitutes stock, accessory stock, finished products stock, basic data and comprehensive reports. The management features, function structures and system flow are discussed in detail.Finally, the management system of comprehensive stock using the B/S structure is established on the above conclusions. By in-depth management on inventory information, the system can control the materials effectively, reduce the time on hand, and determine a reasonable safety inventory, so as to reduce the cost of inventories.
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