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Small-caliber ammunition broken pomegranate multifunction terminal effect influencing factors

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Tutor: ZhangYue
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords: small caliber antiarmor and antipersonnel multipurpose ammunition,terminal effec
CLC: TJ410
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In the modern battlefield, soldiers have to face the personal target and the increasing lightly armored targets. In order to improve the damage efficiency and simplify the ammunition system, urgent to develop multipurpose ammunition, which suitable for individual and both have function of armor demolition and fragment damage. The purpose of this paper is committed to improving the terminal effect of the small caliber antiarmor and antipersonnel multipurpose ammunition, the influence factors of terminal effect of the warhead is researched. As to the choice of the fragment shape of the warhead, the velocity attenuation coefficient of these three shapes fragments, contains preformed cubic, rod and spherical fragment are calculated, the affection of fragment shape changing to velocity attenuation regularity and limit piercing velocity is also analyzed. The explosion performance of these pre-fragmented ammunition are simulated using the LS-DYNA code, the scattering characteristics and the initial velocity of fragments are obtained and compared, the results show that the preformed cubic fragment is suit to this warhead. The formation theory process of shaped charge jet is summarized and numerical simulation of the influence factors are finished, such as the shape, the thickness and material of the liner. On this basis, changing the initiation location and number, exploding order and exploding time blanking of double initiation points, the influence to the fragment scattering, velocity distribution and velocity of jet are obtained. At last, the numerical simulation results are approved by firing range test.This paper finished part of research work of the small caliber antiarmor and antipersonnel multipurpose ammunition by means of numerical simulation, theoretical research and experiment, the results provide a reference for the future research of the warhead.
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