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PC motion control card Engraving and milling system development based on simulation studies

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Tutor: YuanHongBing
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords: NC code compiler,NC engraving and milling systerm,Milling simulation system,Open
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Traditional closed structure of NC system makes the products of different manufacturers and with general computers not compatible, hard to repair and upgrade, more and more difficult to meet the market¡¯s demand. The opening of the NC system is a general trend. Currently, the open NC system based on PC & Motion controller became a hot spot at home and abroad. Building the open NC system based on PC & Motion controller which follows users¡¯ demand and with generalization has a broad prospects. In this thesis, on the basis of careful study about structure and function of open NC system based on PC & Motion controller, a kind of open NC engraving and milling systerm was developed. At last, three-dimensional simulation of NC milling motion based on OpenGL technology was studied. The main work and results are as follows:Design and development of NC code compiler. NC code compiler is the bridge of information¡¯s transformation and conversion in NC system, which plays a key role in NC system. It is responsible for translation and interpretation of NC code and extract the motion information. So this thesis firstly developed a general NC code compiler based on VB regular expressions. Analysised and designed the functions of NC code compiler as lexical check, syntactic check and decoding.Development of open NC engraving and milling systerm based on PC & Motion controller. The hardware of this system is made up of GT series motion controller and platform of 4-axis motion development. This thesis focuses on development of PC control program. GT series motion controller of Googol company offer a powerful library of funtions. PC control program firstly makes decoding and trajectory processing, after that calls the library functions to control the movement of each axis,and then to achieve a continuous process.Development of milling simulation system. In order to improve utilization factor, people often check and optimize NC programs by preview of processing in a virtual environment. Finally, a milling simulation system was developed using OpenGL technology. Simulation of milling processing under three-dimensional virtual environment was to verify correctness of the NC code and rationality of processing.
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