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The Design and Analysis of C Axis Feed Index Device of High Precision Heavy NC Machine Tool

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Tutor: FuHongYa
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords: Backlash,Double-servomotor eliminating clearance,C axis control,Precision index
CLC: TG659
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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C-axis, that is the gyro shaft around the main axis (Z axis), and other feed-axis carried on interpolation, the spindle can achieve precise positioning¡¢complete the special path¡¯s processing in vehicle mill machining center.In a fixture, The machine tool that has the C axis interpolation function can achieve more processes, composite processing, and greatly enhance the scope of its technology and improve the processing of large complex parts of precision.The Heavy and high-precision CNC machine tools is the required processing equipment to achieve large-scale precision parts and components, The design of C-axis feed system of machine tool is the key technology to improve the precise positioning of the spindle. At the same time, The feed device of ceaseless¡¢the highly transmission rigidity¡¢the good damping characteristic¡¢the highly transmission efficiency is the essential condition of C-axis feed system of CNC machining center.This article reviewed the C axis index feed system¡¯s development and application, summarized the domestic and foreign developmental condition of C axis index feed system, researched on the principle of the Siemens 840D NC system control double servo motor-driven double-gear eliminates backlash and double lead worm Gear to eliminates the transmission gap, Initially designed C-axis feed index device of the heavy high-precision CNC machine tool, and has carried on the finite element analysis and the optimization design.finally, completed the comprehensive analysis of the spindle¡¢the contrastive analysis and algorithm confirmation.This article carries on the Initial design¡¢the finite element coordination simulation analysis and the optimized design based on the Siemens 840D NC system¡¯s preload function, the finite element analysis of static and the modal combined with the theories of optimization design.The results show that the presented method of design and analysis of the C-axis feed index device of the heavy high-precision CNC machine tool can satisfy the requirements of achieving the high-precision positioning of the spindle, its methodology can be applied to the Engineering problem¡¯s analysis and design.
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