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A Technical Research on the Utilization of Cistern Water and Water Quality Improvement in Northweste

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Tutor: ZhangJianFeng
School: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: cistern water,rainwater tank,rainwater-collecting field,ion release
CLC: S277.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The nourthwest areas of China covered some part of Shannxi,midwest ofGansu,most part of Xinjiang,nourth of Ningxia,and midwest of Inner Mongolia,whichbelongs to the arid or semiarid areas.Due to the seriously shortage of surface waterresource and deeply buried groundwater(mostly in hundred meters above)£¬rainwaterharvesting appears to be the most promising alternative for supplying fresh water tohuman and animals in part of the dispersed village.The groundwater salinity was too high to drink,and there was no available surfacewater nearby for use in the north of Weihe River in Weinan,.It was not suiable forlong-distance transmission of water by the centralized water supply.People here for along time, relying on the cistern water to sustain life.The condition of cistern watercollection and utilization in these villages was similarity, so this paper was mainlyaimed at the investigation and research of rainwater tanks in Zhaojiacun village ofLinwei District of Weinan city. The research content include water resourceconditions,rainwater accumulation process, rainwater-collecting field situation,watercan be collected,and the use of cistern water, so as to get the overview of the cistern¡¯scollection and utilization in nouthwestern areas of China.In order to improve the quality of cistern water£¬which was in the form ofscattered supply in rural areas,selected the top-soil as research object.Soil was thetypical surface material in rural courtyard of these areas.In addition,we collected theatmospheric dust-fall in Zhaojiacun village. The experiment was to study the ionrelease process,speed changes rule and the influence to the releasing of ions from therainfall pH value of surface material for collecting rainfall during runoff process.Experiment results showed that the ion release rate was reduced significantlyafter contacting with water for30-60s according to the experiment results, and theamount of soil ion release was proportional to the amount of soil contact..The totalreleased ion quantity increased with increasing rainfall acidity, but the average rate ofconductivity change was no significant difference.Combined with the rural field investigation and experimental tests,this patermainly analyzed the water quality and influencing factors of cistern water in thenourthwest areas.According to the results,we found that the turbidity washigh,microbial quantity was far more than the limit,but other indicators were in linewith the drinking water requirements.The factors that affect the quality of cistern waterwere multifaceted.According to that,we put forward the approaches to improve cisternwater quality.
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