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Assessment of Drought Resistance Ability for Pond and Retaining Dam Irrigated Area of Jianghuai Hill

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Tutor: JinJuLiang
School: Hefei University of Technology
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: pond and retaining dam irrigated area,drought resistance ability,agricultural ir
CLC: S274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Historically, because of natural factors (such as climate condition, geographicenvironment), socioeconomic development, and the influence of human activities,drought disasters happened frequently in Jianghuai hilly region. Especially in thewatershed regions between yangtze river and huaihe river, the drought conflicts gotmore pungent. And the drought disasters have hindered the development ofeconomic production. Surface water resources as the main body of Jianghuai hillyarea water resource, the quantity only account for21.8%of the total waterresources quantity of Anhui, while the arable area of Jianghuai hilly area accountfor31.8%of the total total area of Anhui province. What¡¯s more, the main crop ofthe area is rice, what need great water consumption, this leads to the conflict of thewater resources and water supply. And the unequal rainfall distribution on spaceand time intensifies shortage of water on parts of the area. The varied topographyof Jianghuai hilly area leads many problems to build large-scale water conservancyworks, so ponds and other small-scale reservoirs play the importment role in thewater storage. Recently, however, with the idea of valuing diversion and despisingstorage, filling ponds to make farm land and the development of urbanization, pondis occupied continually. Because of bad management, ponds of most area are siltedseriously, parts of them loss the functions of storage. what make the pond be unableto exert irrigation benefit normally. The above reasons make the quantity andcapacity of pond decrease in some degree. Therefore, the accurate calculation ofdrought resistance ability for pond and retaining dam irrigated area of Jianghuaihilly area has important significance to improve the storage function of pond,regulate reasonably agriculture planting structure, make the scientific droughtprevention and damage control plan, guide the pond construction orderly.According consult literature material and field investigation to get to know thehistory of pond construction, determine the number and capacity and irrigationarea of pond, confirm the change process of agriculture planting structure(such asmultiple cropping index and proportion of the paddy field and dry-farming growth).Based on comprehensive consideration of weather condition, agricultural plantingstructure and the change process of pond construction, the concept and calculationmodel of drought resistance ability for pond and retaining dam irrigated area areput forward from the view of banlance of water supplyment and requirement underthe condition of sufficient irrigation. The model calculate irrigation waterrequirement with the method of Penman-Monteith model and agriculture plantingstructure data, and the pond water supplyment is calculated with water-storagefrequency.The main achievements obtained in thethesis are as follows:(1)collect,research and analyse the quantity, capacity and irrigation area of pond accordingconsult literature material and field investigation, thus sorting out the improvementprocess of pond construction;(2)sort out the change process of agricultural plantingstructure of Jianghuai hilly area from the50¡¯s of20centuries to the beginning of21century according consult literature material and field investigation;(3)calculatethe drought resistance ability for pond and retaining dam irrigated area of Jianghuaihilly area and the five cities from the50¡¯s of20centuries to the beginning of21century, and based on the present situation, propose the method to improve thedrought resistance ability.
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