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Research on the Pipe Corrosion and Inactivated Test of Iron Bacteria and Sulfate-reducing Bacteria i

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Tutor: YuanYiXing
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: water distribution network,corrosion,influence factors,iron bacteria,sulfate-red
CLC: TU991
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In recent years, with the improvement of people¡¯s living standard, therequirements for drinking water quality gradually improve. life The standards fordrinking water quality (GB5749-2006),which China issued newly, increase testingindicators from35to106. The quality of drinking water should meet the waterquality standards not only in the factory, but also in the user taps. So the pipenetwork plays a crucial role in the process to ensure the water quality, pressure andquantity of the entire water supply system. In the long-term operation, the pipenetwork will produce corrosion and corrosion of the pipe network will bring a rangeof issues, such as: the secondary pollution of the water quality, the area of lowpressure increasing, the leakage of the pipe network. Therefore it is necessary tostudy the corrosion mechanism and influence factors to the water distributionnetwork in order to provide the basis for corrosion control.This paper is based on the corrosion mechanism of the water distributionnetwork and its influence factors. Using annular biofilm reactor (BAR) to simulatethe water supply network in order to study the influence of different pipes, flow rate,microbial and chlorine to corrosion.Study the corrosion of different pipes by measuring the variation of the numberof bacteria, iron bacteria and sulfate reduction bacteria in a test period, includingthe corrosion potential change of different pipes. Study the corrosion of the pipe¡¯sinterface£¬by using the example of cast iron contacting with stainless steel pipe andcast iron contacting with copper pipe. Taking cast iron pipe as an example, studythe corrosion under the conditions of different flow rates. Study the microbialcorrosion by measuring the number of iron bacteria and sulfate reduction bacteria ina test period, including the corrosion potential change of cast iron pipe.Taking castiron pipe as an example, study the corrosion under the conditions of differentchlorine.At the same time, use electrochemical techniques and surface analysistechniques to analyze the process of corrosion reaction, in order to explain thecorrosion better.In addition, the paper study the effects of the different disinfectants on two main micro-organisms-iron bacteria (IRB) and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB).Therefore, the test results can provide a reference for the choice of disinfectants inthe cleaning and repair ing work of water distribution network.
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