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The Trial and Application Research about Urban Rainwater Atificial Soil Filtration Technology

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Tutor: LiJunQi
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: non-point source pollution,purification technology,rapid infiltration,testresear
CLC: TU992
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the acceleration of urbanization, the share of total water pollution emission going to non-point pollution caused by stromwater gets bigger and bigger. In China, separate sewerage system taken by new and expansion areas, but combined system taken by old, the stormwater runoff discharged into sewerage systems caused a lot pressure in quality and quantity among municipal wastewater treatment ponds, so other methods are urgently needed to control discharged stormwater runoff.Constructed soil infiltration system has been done a large amount of research by scholars at home and abroad, applied extensively as comparative mechanisms, and treating urban stormwater runoff with this system will be a aspect of controlling non-point pollution.With the start of unban stormwater runoff quality, this paper studied constructed soil (padding) used to control pollution and application research of Langfang stromwater utilization project, and the main contents include:(1) The paper analyzed the characteristics and change rules of the runoff pollution, took four kinds of constructed soil:sand, slag, zeolite, ceramsite as test media layers, and designed experimental plans to remove dissolved pollutants in stormwater runoff, so as to find out the rules of pollutants removal at different pollution loads and different flow loads. Besides, the recovery period of slag purification ability was further discussed.(2) The paper discussed the operation effect of different types of infiltration facilities in action via Langfang stromwater utilization project, compared the treatment results for runoff caused by simulated rainfall and stormwater, analyzed the quality and quantity of stormwater runoff, and evaluated the application effect of each facility comprehensively.Today the non-point source pollution control is taken seriously more and more, and constructed soil infiltration technology as a method to prevent pollution will get further perfection and development.
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