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Research on Optimal Pressure of Water Distribution System for Leakage Control

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Tutor: GaoJinLiang
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: pressure-driven demand hydraulic model,excess head,Optimizationaction strategy
CLC: TU991.33
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Leakage can cause a waste of water resource and energy, as well as a series ofenvironmental social problems. Pressure management is one of the leakage controlsrecommended by the international water association (IWA). It reduces leakage by theoptimization of urban water supply pipe pressure distribution. According to thephenomenon that too high local pressure causes large leakage in water distributionsystem, the issue proposes optimal pressure of water distribution system for leakagecontrol by means of pressure reducing values.Before establishing leakage control model, the issue establishes traditionalhydraulic model and pressure-driven node flow hydraulic model of the examplenetwork, and analysis which one of them is more suitable for leakage control model.The result is that the pressure-driven node flow hydraulic model is better in precisionand leakage calculating. So the issue uses the pressure-driven node flow hydraulicmodel for leakage control model. The traditional hydraulic model is solved by thehydraulic calculation software EPANET2.0. The pressure-driven node flow hydraulicmodel is solved by the genetic algorithm (GA) through MATLAB programming.The issue decides the location of the pressure reducing values to control thepressure separately through pressure area division. According to analysis of pressuredistribution of the water supply pipe system, clustering analysis is put forward to dividepressure area. Through the comparison of the different cluster analysis schemes withdifferent distances, the best scheme is clustering analysis of nodes which have xcoordinate and excess head. The clustering analysis uses mahalanobis for sampledistance and ward for cluster distance.After Pressure area division of water distribution system, the issue sets pressurereducing valve in the entrance of every pressure area, in order to control the pressure ofthe area separately, and then establishes the leakage control mathematical model withpressure reducing valves. The solution of the mathematical model is the optimization ofthe pressure reducing valve movement strategy, under different working conditions.Because of the mathematical model belongs to multi-dimensional nonlinearoptimization problems, so choose genetic algorithm for solving the mathematical model,and through the example network, the issue discusses how to establish and solve theleakage control mathematical model with pressure reducing valves.At last the issue applies the optimal pressure of water distribution system forleakage control by means of pressure reducing values to a water distribution system inGuangdong province. At first pressure-driven node flow hydraulic model is established, and then Pressure area is divided based on the model, finally the leakage controlmathematical model with pressure reducing valves is established. According to thesolution, the leakage rate of the water distribution system is reduced14.01%,whichillustrates the method has good effect on leakage control.
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