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Research and Practice on Construction Control of Prestressed Concrete Contionous Girder Bridge by Ca

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Tutor: FanLiang
School: Beijing Municipal Engineering Research Institute
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: continuous girder bridge,cantilever construction,mechanical principle,pre-camber
CLC: U445.466
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Balanced cantilever-casting construction technology is widely used in construction of large-span prestressed concrete continuous girder bridge.This barrier-free and without-stents construction method apply in navigable rivers, mountain valley and city. During construction, bridge structure need convert from cantilever system to continuous system,it will cause complex internal force and displacement change.In order to ensure the construction quality and safety, especiallythe fold linear,it is necessary to analysis the mechanics and deflection predictive control of the upper construction.Firstly,the paper studied the mechanics principle of the cantilever construction. Discuss the variable mechanical process,from cantilever stage to continuous system cause internal force and displacement variation,and discusse how to imitate temporary rigid fixity and construction load. And then use "MIDAS/civil" to analyse Gaoyou Tonghu Bridge, the result of elevation changes and stress of key section of each construction stage, summarizes the tendency of deformation and beam section of key section stress variation, and apply the simulation analysis results in late study of elevation control.Monitor work is focused on the linear control,the main task is linear monitoring and pre-camber Setting, the constructor don¡¯t know the personnel of pre-camber setting and concept of elevation.carefully study the principle of pre-camber.We divide pre-camber into cantilever pre-camber and closure pre-camber,recommend the existing different view,analyzed the experience curve distribution method and "rather high don¡¯t lower" principle in pre-camber rationality that constructor often employ. Actual cantilever pre-camber adopted the result of finite element calculate, and adjust the error; closure pre-camber based on late creep of concrete and live load finite element calculation, curve distribution and with certain experience value adjustment.Analysis the relationship of design elevation, the shuttering elevation.and the completion elevation. suggest completion elevation as monitoring disadvantages and directly basis of monitoring results.In the actual monitoring process, high Gaoyou Tonghu Bridge adopted adaptive method for construction control. Selected cantilever stage, to change most influential elevation control the parameters of beam section. identify the main changes affect significantly elevation of sensitivity in the later parameters, the parameters of the amended.Abandon kalman filtering method,gray theory of abstract obscure pre-camber adjustment method, using the item by item to eliminate the error in calculation pre-camber. Adopt a practical regression analysis method to ascertain the true deformation deflection of form travelers;Using statistical data of prestress adjust tension effect; Using the relative elevation difference method to avoid the influence of temperature load etc.Finally, combined with construction supervision through Tonghu Bridge, the result of the comparison in detail stage deflection, the total stage deflection, the relationship of calculated stress and the measured. The results show that the actual measured data and theoretical analysis are consistent,finally,the bridge closure and linear smooth, it can provide a reference for other similar project.
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