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Lake Sediment Accumulation Areas of Yunnan Altiplano Ecological Conditions of Phosphorus and Nitroge

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Tutor: LiYi;WangLin
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: artificial wetlands,sediment,N,phosphorus,comparative analysis
CLC: X131.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the rapid population increase and economic development, the irrational exploitation of wetlands, siltation of rivers and lakes, water quality decline, severe eutrophication, wetland ecological degradation, the destruction of wetland resources, ecological functions damaged. Restoration of degraded ecosystems, to improve the environmental quality of research and practice has gradually been widely attention.This paper relies on the natural state technology fund "The interaction mechanism study on the water flow, sediments, pollutants and plants of the wetland of Altiplano lake" (Project No:50769001), runoffing into the lake to play the mix the phosphorus and nitrogen transport and fate of pollutants and its interaction with the research component of the water. According to the unique conditions of climate resources and the characteristics of plants growth, this paper will provide a reference for the design and improvement in Yunnan altiplano constucted wetland.Paper carried out the following aspects:research respectively on the types of matrix,, so as to(1) Matrix type.¢ÙBlank fields of the original soil found that TP, TN concentration curve started rising rapidly, to a higher point were involved in the smooth change of phase, adsorption (16h¡«72h), the original blank field on soil phosphorus adsorption tends to balance, on the TN a very slow decrease of absorption, or tends to balance, and then appeared a small number of analytical phenomena, in general the adsorption.¢ÚSediment blank field wetland TP and TN release rate curve steep rise at the initial stage (0¡«5h), the release rate was rapid; (0¡«7h) slow curve up to 7h peak, (7h¡«33h) release rate decreased rapidly, (33h¡«48h) slow release rate Decreased after 48h on the balance.Observation experiments to reflect the actual operation of the balance. To control yunnan altiplano water pollution, provide a reference for regeneration.(2) Plant species, and plant growth stage. Selected these plants as the the experiment plants in Constructed wetland:Scirpus validus and Acorus calamus.They grow very well,show that these plants have a strong stain resistance can be applied on Yunnan altiplano artificial wetlands. (3) The original soil matrix wetland plants and sediment matrix of constructed wetlands. Were found in March, Scirpus validus and Acorus calamus when weather is warming faster growth of two species, wetland system on TP and TN removal with the gradual enhancement while plant growth. From June to July, water quality stable.(4) Compared with Blank fields and plants wetland.¢ÙOriginal soil:the treatment of plants wetland system was significantly better than a blank field, indicating that plants and microbes on the role of the wetland system can not be ignored.¢ÚSediment:sediment matrix is based on the release of phosphorus and nitrogen, the release is stable. Growing plants can make up the release of pollutants in sediment matrix defects, relief at the end deterioration of soil matrix.(5) Compared with Scirpus validus and Acorus calamus. Whether the original soil from the matrix, or sediment matrix, Acorus calamus has the advantage of both aspects on remove phosphorus and nitrogen, it can be used as a preferred plants.(6) Local characteristics.Yunnan Altiplano Constructed wetland has its own unique treatment characteristics.Through demonstration experiments, reflecting the experimental value, with the actual reference value.
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